About Bob Kittridge

Bob’s vision is to create a world where growth and personal expression are cheered and reveled in. A world where people are valued for their potential and not their failures. He has a unique ability to connect with his audiences that generates excitement and enthusiasm for learning.

Bob is a Founding Member and Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team and through his association with best-selling author and leadership guru, John C. Maxwell and the Team, he serves as a thinking partner, is active as a member of the President’s Advisory Council and group leader for team members around the world. He was part of the team to bring Transformational Leadership concepts to Guatemala training 19,000 facilitators.

Bob brings 30+ years of leadership and coaching experience from Fire and Emergency Services, including All Hazard Incident Management, and both domestic and international teaching and facilitating of courses for entry level personnel, top management, and political leaders on leadership concepts and skills courses.

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